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Greenery is an easy way to make your home feel fresh, invigorated and unquestionably stylish. Interior Designer, Stylist, Writer and new Life Instyle contributor Angela Steyn share’s the key to adding foliage indoors.

One of the things I love most about Scandinavian interiors is the combination of white paint and green plants! Everywhere you look, stark white walls become the canvas for beautiful organic shapes, introducing warmth and a sense of vitality into the space. Whether the plants are living or just off-cuts of branches haphazardly arranged in all manner of vessels, the pop of greenery is uplifting for the soul.

My Scandinavian Home

So how exactly to you introduce indoor plants without feeling like you’ve landed back in the 1970’s? The key lies in the type of foliage you choose. Steer clear of dated bushy ferns, and anything that lacks overall form. Try going for something with a beautiful sculptural leaf like a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Zanzibar Gem – the result will feel contemporary rather than retro. Be conscious of the lighting conditions as some plants are hardier than others and remember that all plants can become stressed near windows during summertime.

What happens if, like me, you manage to kill off nearly every plant that has the misfortune of crossing your threshold? Never fear, plant off-cuts of almost any description can make wonderful arrangements and invariably cost absolutely nothing. Many times I have collected interesting ‘bits’ out of other people’s green bins, often in the dead of night! Really, there is beauty almost everywhere you look, the trick is not to worry what the neighbors will think as you rummage through their grass clippings.

Angela Steyn

My other top tip is to choose the pot or vessel carefully. Indoor plants can look stunning in baskets, ceramic pots, floor vases or wrapped up in hessian. Equally, nothing shouts sophistication quite like a single green branch in a giant glass jar. Keep the colours minimal – go for whites, greys, charcoal or glass as the greenery will always look more striking when it doesn’t have to compete for center stage.

My Scandinavian Home

Embrace green, welcome it into your home, throw a sprig of God-only-knows-what in a jam jar on the windowsill and watch as the room instantly becomes happier. Experiment with the beauty of the natural world and marvel at how easy it is to make your home feel fresh, invigorated and unquestionably stylish.

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