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Don’t worry we will be keeping our clothes on. Today we are chatting to founder and creative director of ChamonixRain Organics, Michelle, about all things organic kids fashion. ChamonixRain Organics have a stunning range of organic baby products including fashion, manchester as well as skin care for the littlest members of our families. These products have all been designed to keep in mind that over 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies with babies at a higher risk as their skin is much thinner then an adults.

1. How did the inception of your business come about?

From a young age, I learnt the benefits that using natural and organic ingredients have on our bodies.

Growing up in a household where the emphasis was placed on growing & consuming organic fruits & vegetables wherever possible – I have always wanted to combine my 2 favourite organically grown ingredients ‘Bamboo & Coconut’ to create a premium brand which focuses on health, comfort and style.

Each of the products within our range has been carefully researched, developed and quality tested on ourselves and our customers, to maintain our high level of quality across each of our Bamboo & ️Coconut products.Charmonix 5

2. What made you want to exhibit at Life Instyle Sydney 2016?

We exhibited at last years Kids Instyle,  and had a fantastic show.

We have since developed an amazing relationships with our stockists across Australia, and appreciate the support and loyalty each of our stockist have to our brand.

We are always pleasantly surprised by the networks of people we meet at the show each year, and also enjoy seeing the reactions when our stockist feel the softness of our fabrics for themselves or experience the amazing texture and smell of our popular skincare products.

Being face to face with our stockist at Kids Instyle, whether it be meeting new stores or hearing all the wonderful feedback from our existing stockist,  is a very satisfying part of our business and one of the main reasons we attend. Charmonix 3

3. What should we expect from ChamonixRain Organics in the future?

We are currently undergoing an exciting new re-brand, and will be soon releasing our brand new designs just in time for a the cooler months. Our popular Coconut skin care also has some very exciting new packaging designs which will be re-launched very soon.

We are also looking to expand our business internationally towards the end of 2016. We have a very loyal and strong following within Australia and due to overwhelming demand, we are currently designing products within our range to offer to the overseas market.Charmonix 4

4. What is the one bit of advice you would give to any creative out there looking to start up their own business?

The one piece of advice I would give to any creative out there looking to start their own business is:

To always trust your instincts, be prepared to work really, really hard & to never give up on achieving your dream.

You will be faced with many challenges, difficult decisions and above all hard work along the way – but as long as you always keep your values, your goals and surround yourself with a great support network – you & your business will succeed in achieving that dream.Charmonix 1

5. What is your definition of Happiness By Design?

What makes us happy when designing a new piece is seeing the entire process come to life. Each stage from our range concept meetings, to penning the designs on paper, our storyboards, then seeing our products stocked in stores and on our customers is incredibly rewarding and the reason we do what we do.

Hearing how much our customers love our designs and just how soft and comfortable our Bamboo, is very proud moment for us.

The same goes for our popular 99.9% Natural Coconut skincare range. Each ingredient we include in our range has been carefully researched & then tested by us (& our lovely customers) to ensure we continue to develop premium products which offer the highest possible benefits to the skin.

We never get tired of hearing all the amazing feedback from our customers, which is by far the most rewarding part of our business and in turn brings us immense happiness.

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