Greenhouse Interiors: How it all began…

This Melbourne August we are very lucky to be working with Greenhouse Interiors for our onsite Style Lab. Made up of two sharp minds in Julia Green and Jacqui Moore, hear from the lovely ladies themselves on how they met and how two creative minds joined forces to collaborate as the one (green) powerhouse!

“It was 2004 and we lived around the corner from each other in East St Kilda. There was a little park at the end of the street and Julia’s son Max, 18 months, and my son Jack, 2, had started to play with each other whenever they happened to be there at the same time. I’d met Max’s dad, Adam, but not his mum until one day she zipped across to the park from her house to say ‘hello’ to Max’s new friend. The thing that struck me straight away was that Julia was still wearing her pyjamas over which she’d pulled on a pair of boots and thrown an vintage fur coat over her shoulders and she looked fabulous.
As we were introduced, Julia apologised for her dishevelled state but I said she looked like she’d stepped straight off the set of Sex And The City. We clicked instantly, becoming firm friends sharing the same sense of style and the same sense of humour. When I moved away from East St Kilda with my family, the Greens followed not long after, and to this day we live only a two minute walk away from each other.
Our shared love of interiors has seen us develop a bond as close as family and we’ve taken it to the next level by collaborating on style projects for the past three years.”

Make sure you stop by to say hello to these ladies onsite- and maybe share your story!


This was such a cute story that we had to share it with you! Do you have any heart warming or quirky business meeting of the minds experiences? Spread the love and tell us in the comments section!

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