Handy Apps for all your Content and Social Media Needs

Handy Apps for all your content and social media needs

When it comes to social media and content marketing, you don’t have to do everything on your own. There are lots of awesome apps out there to help you curate, create, edit and share your gorgeous content. Here’s our round up of our favourite tools and apps to use to manage content and social media for your business.


Hopper HQ & Schedugram
If you’re looking to schedule posts for Instagram there are a lot more options than there used to be. We like Hopper HQ and Schedugram for complete auto posting (check out Grum.co too). Both are paid services, but they allow you to upload your photos, batch and schedule in advance and they’ll post for you, which makes your life a lot easier.

Later (previously Latergram.me) is another great (free!) app that allows you to batch and schedule Instagram posts on your phone and then prompts you when it’s time to post. Check it out in detail here.

And, last but not least, Planoly is the new-ish kid on the block with a gorgeous user interface. I’m totally in love. It helps you plan and schedule your posts visually so you can see how your feed will look – genius! It’s a paid for service and it works in a similar way to Later in which it prompts you when it’s time to post. So worth it to be able to see your feed as it will look before scheduling. Dare I say, I can’t ‘gram without it now? It’s one of the very few services I pay for in this space – that’s how highly I rate it. (Also keep a look out for a local Sydney lass about to launch a similar service called PlanYourGram).

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.38.39 PM

Planoly, a handy app for Instagram management, lets you visually see how your Instagram feed will look as you schedule posts.

Instagram Analytics

For businesses set up as such in Instagram, you now have access to Instagram Business Insights (read more on that here). For those that aren’t, Pikore is a great free service that gives you basic analytics around your Instagram presence. Read up on it here. Iconosquare is another paid service that gives you analytics in much more detail.


Photoshop made simple. If you haven’t played around with Canva yet, now is your time. A service that helps you create beautiful images for your website, blog, emails, social media and more. There’s handy templates and even tutorials too. Find out more here.

Snapseed is my go-to photography editing app. I won’t share a photo on Instagram unless I’ve edited it first from here. Play around to get the hang of it. Once you’ve got your photo editing recipe down, you’ll be super quick and efficient.

Stock Photography
For when you don’t have any appropriate photography and you can’t afford a gorgeous photo shoot – stock photography is your friend. We’re talking gorgeous, original, inspiring stock photography (not the other stuff). Find our favourites here.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 6.46.05 PM

Buffer App is not only a scheduling tool for social media but also a tool to help you curate content for those channels.


Buffer App
A scheduling tool to help you post content across multiple social channels. It also makes it easy for you to curate content by giving you a browser extension so that you can easily add content to your schedules for social media. Think of it like a little Pinterest button except that instead of pinning the image or article to a board, you’re adding that content to share across social media for your business.

Feedly is a tool to help you curate and keep track of all the content you enjoy online – whether it’s publications you read (The HuffPost, New York Times, The Age), blogs (like this one!) or even YouTube channels you watch. You can organise these into different collections and set up keyword alerts which lets you monitor news about your business and find content to share on your blog, emails and social.


I’m in love with IFTTT. If only it could put dinner on the table and get the kids in bed, it might just take over the world. IFTTT creates recipes to help you be more efficient and effective at work and life. Whether you want to create a recipe to share all your Instagram photos to a dedicated Pinterest board (like me) or automatically keep your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures in sync, they have a recipe for anything and everything. Discover how to use it for Instagram here.

Dropbox and Google Drive
Oh, where would we be without Dropbox and Google Drive? Time saving and cost effective storage solutions that multiple team members can access wherever they go. Thank you dear Dropbox and Google for making our lives that little bit easier.

What are your favourite tools and apps to use? We’d love to know! Share them with us below kin!

Kylie, xx

p.s. For more tips like this, download load our Social Media Survival Guide here. xx

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