HOW TO: Merchandise your store


Lucy Given is the merchandising queen. If you have ever had the pleasure of heading into her store, LUC Design in Hobart you would have seen merchandising at it’s most perfect.

Lucy provided us with her top 4 tips to follow when merchandising your latest products.

Here are her tips:

  • Lighting – lighting is important as it gives you the ability to immediately highlight products
  • Repetition – catching the eye, repeating product in the same colour or different, places emphasis on the power of the product.
  • Colour – colour blocking or using monotone colours again draws the eye instantly and allows the customer to follow a journey
  • Pyramid Marketing – Not the marketing you are thinking of, this type of display means you are to place an eye catching product at the top of your display that is highlighted by lighting. Under this highlighted product you place many other products so the eye follows a trail

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