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The idea of working for yourself is certainly an intriguing one. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were afforded the opportunity to take your dreams and ambitions and then turn them into a business? You would be ecstatic right? Well… Lucy Glade-Wright, from Hunting For George did just that as she turned passion into success. It’s about time you heard her story.


LIS: Where did it all begin for you?

L: We had fairly modest desires when it came to starting Hunting for George. Ultimately we wanted to do something that we loved, have the creative freedom of working for ourselves and make an impression on all those that experienced our business. 


LIS: We have all been there, when the to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. What would your best practice be to avoid the overwhelming feeling that comes with the never ending task list?

L: The worst thing you can do when you feel overwhelmed is to shut down and not communicate with the people around you, so we focus on regular communication with our team. We have weekly WIPs to prioritize and delegate tasks, as well as multiple touch points with our team throughout the week to make sure we stay on track.


LIS: Competition. It’s everywhere and sometimes hard to avoid. How do you stay ahead of the pack and differentiate yourself?

L: It’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you, but in order to keep ahead and remain unique you need to always stay focused on your brand and what you are trying to achieve. This will give you the confidence to follow your own direction instead of following others. 


LIS: Speaking of competition…What about those copycats? Has another company ever copied your products or ideas and what did you learn from this experience?

L: Yes unfortunately we have experienced this and it is disheartening. We are acutely aware of our industry and of those that model themselves on our brand and product designs. However, we don’t let ourselves get distracted from our goals and instead channel any negative energy into motivation to achieve bigger and better things. At the end of the day, if you’re being copied then it means you’re doing something right. 


LIS: We all make them…let’s be honest…as a business rookie, what was your biggest mistake and how did you learn from it?

L: In the early days we invested too much money in the wrong products. We were stuck with product that we couldn’t shift and it took a while for us to get back in the clear. Whilst it was a costly mistake it forced us to take a deeper look at our business and redefine our brand direction. This understanding led not only to more strategic buying patterns but also positively impacted all other aspects of our business.  


LIS: It is the hot topic of the moment that we all love to talk about but never can figure it out for ourselves. Work/Life balance is a tough one that only some can achieve –what’s your secret for keeping a balanced life in check whilst running a business?

L: Everyone has different ideas as to what makes a balanced life and we are definitely not experts on the subject. There are occasions when the business occupies more of our time than we would like, but as business owners it is our priority and we do push ourselves to make it work. However, we know that our energy and health will affect the entire team so we have become stricter with our routine to make sure we allow time for our lives outside of work. At the end of each week we always go out for lunch together. This is a great way to just relax, have a drink and chat about the week that’s been. 


LIS: What advice would you give to yourself a year ago?

L: Find good people, strengthen your team and don’t forget to exercise.

LIS: Who do you look to for all your business needs?

L: We love talking to others in business and sharing our stories. We have a few mentors who we seek advice from which is extremely important to us. We don’t expect to know everything and we are always open to learning in order to become better business owners.


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