Why I’m loving Planoly – A new Visual Planner for Instagram

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There are so many new scheduling tools and other apps designed to help you manage Instagram popping up all over the place. My current personal favourite is Planoly. Here’s why.

What’s the story?

Planoly is a visual planner that also happens to be a handy scheduling tool. Created by a husband and wife team, Brandy and Andy, the app came about from a personal need to find a better way to manage Brandy’s content on Instagram without compromising on her visual aesthetic and sales. Enter, Planoly! Designed and used by Brandy herself (@brandypham), the app is filled with useful features, super user-friendly and so beautiful to use. Ticking all the boxes!


Planoly offers basic analytics to help you craft content that resonates with your audience. Image via Planoly.

What’s so great about Planoly?

It’s a visual planner that also lets you schedule. Once you schedule, however, it won’t automatically post for you. It will prompt you with a push notification reminding you to open the post and press publish. Simple.

What I love most about Planoly is the ability to see what your Instagram feed will look like as a whole before publishing. It’s quick and easy to change posts if images next to one another aren’t working aesthetically, by simply dragging and dropping images. For Instagram, which is a visual medium, this is such a powerful tool to strengthen your visual storytelling skills.

Some key features:

• It’s available on web and mobile which means you can use it on the go and upload your mobile pics easily or schedule ahead of time at home on a Sunday evening and use the desktop to your heart’s desire

Drag and Drop – ok beautiful kin, this tool is where it’s at! No more uploading an image and realising it doesn’t work next to the previous one, or that you’ve got two quotes in a row or that the photo you chose actually doesn’t work with your Instagram aesthetic. You get to plan, not only the actual content and copy, but the look of your feed in advance and if you need to move things around, it’s simple, you just drag and drop your posts until you’re happy.

Multiple Accounts – for social media managers or those juggling personal and business Instagrams, you can manage multiple accounts with Planoly so you don’t need to be logging in and out of multiple apps

Analytics – Planoly offers basic analytics around engagement to help you focus your efforts and understand what your audience is interacting with. This means you can create more effective content more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Community Management – you can work your community magic right in the Planoly app. It allows you to engage with your audience by replying to comments.

Image Splitter – ever wondered how to share one image that’s been divided into multiple squares? Wonder no more, you can now create your own with Planoly’s simple image splitter tool. Just upload your high res image, tap the splitter tool icon in the bottom right corner, select your ratio (i.e. what size your image is to split) and split away!


Planoly features an image splitting tool which allows you to split large images into multiple squares for Instagram and drag and drop to arrange them in your feed. Image via Planoly.

A handy blog

Planoly also has a super handy blog with tutorials, how-to videos (like this one here on how to split images to upload) and tips to help you make the most of the platform. If you’re ever stuck with a question, head over there or shout out to them on Instagram and I’m sure they’ll get back to you with an answer.

No, it’s not free, but it’s worth it

I’m totally backing this one gorgeous kin. Planoly may not be free but for solo businesses, it’s only $7/month billed annually or $9/month billed monthly. Plus there is a free two-week trial so you can test it out for yourself first. Check it out here.

Get on, play around, tell me what you think below! Are you as in love as I am?

Kylie, xx

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