In Style: Kylie Platt, and the little dog laughed

and the little dog laughed is designer Kylie Platt’s homage to her favourite childhood nursery rhyme. Her brand specialises in clothing using super soft, stretch fabrics for the under five set, as well as 100% cotton hand knitted toys.


While her designs may not feature running spoons or jumping cows, Kylie explains “I attempt to keep the range as whimsical and fun as I can. All our hand knitted animals and blankets are ‘just like grandma used to make’ and have become a favourite for their sense of nostalgia. With the clothing range I try to use stretch cottons so that they look great but are fun to wear. I also love to use a combination of knits and fabrics, stretch and floral cottons, adding different layers to a piece that would otherwise be one dimensional.”

The new 2012 clothing range will be released in Kids Instyle in Sydney, and evokes a ‘touch of fantasy’ to and the little dog laughed’s nostalgic designs.

Tees, rompers and bibs featuring Sydney artist Meredith Gaston, a gorgeous range of summer and winter dresses, new stretch denim bloomers and our tu tu rompers. Attention to detail is paramount throughout the range with crochet flowers and pockets, fabric covered button trims and corduroy for boys. All tees, long sleeve pullovers, rompers and bloomers come packaged in a zip bag that can be reused to carry all baby essentials.


How did you end up where you are today?
I have always had an interest in design and started a small range that was sold in Hong Kong and Singapore initially (I currently live in Hong Kong). Being in Hong Kong I initially exhibited at Bubble in London and then New York. The year after that I started at Kids Instyle and had a fantastic response. Each year it has continued to grow which is a great feeling.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
I love the freedom to design what inspires me, and seeing new designs eventuate from a mere thought to the finished product hanging in a store.. I also get a buzz out of seeing my clothing or blankets worn by babies around the place.


When did you start exhibiting at Kids Instyle?
I first exhibited in Sydney in 2009.

Why do you exhibit at Kids Instyle?
I love the atmosphere and the design focus of Kids Instyle. It also attracts great retailers who also value good design.

What has been your Kids Instyle highlight?
Meeting so many other great designers and hearing their stories- it is great for networking! I also love meeting my regular retailers each year and talking to them as to how the range is going. It is great getting feedback from them.


What can we expect from you at the next show?
I am currently finishing off the new range that will be released in Sydney. We have some more great illustrations from guest Sydney based illustrator Meredith Gaston on our tees, more dresses with crochet flowers and some new knitted animals. Are also continuing with our hand crochet blankets. The colour palate next year for boys is a charcoal grey and cream and for girls is ruby pink and grey.


Right now I’m:
Eating… 85% dark chocolate….it’s good for you isn’t it??
Drinking… a shiraz with my husband…the children are finally in bed and it is ‘me’ time
Reading… Ingrid Betancourt’s biography
Hearing… my new puppy sleeping at my feet
Planning… my Christmas holidays…we are off home to Australia
Buying… I also have a store in Hong Kong called Mirth– so get my shopping fix buying for the store!
Enjoying… the madness in the lead up to the holidays!

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