In Style: Maya Walsh, Maya Muse Textiles

Some people are driven to make. To craft. To care. To vision. And to produce with their hands. Maya Walsh, Creative Director of her brand Maya Muse Textiles is one such artist.

Maya founded her business in 2010 with a
 desire to design and make beautiful, thoughtful
 products which celebrate the joy of the
 handmade. Sydney based, the company makes all their products made the old fashioned way, screen printed by hand by Maya using hand mixed inks. The sewing is split between Maya and a local seamstress. Maya is passionate about supporting local industry as well as having a hands on approach to every step of the process.


As Maya explains “I think there is an honesty to handmade techniques which imbues each product with a special quality that can only be achieved in the absence of mass production. I hope that the use of traditional techniques and natural fibers works perfectly to complement modern, innovative prints in a delicious palette.”

The range includes hand screen printed cushions, tea towels,
 wheat bags, eye pillows, door snakes, door stops, and bag holders. Be sure to say hello to Maya at Life Instyle Sydney 2012.


How did you end up where you are today?
I studied a Bachelor of Design at COFA, and since graduating in 2003 I have worked as a commercial textile designer both here in Sydney and for 5 years in London. I have worked inhouse for both fashion and homewares labels, as well as for print studios who supply designs to many international labels. I love textile design and really enjoyed working for larger companies and being part of a team to put a collection together, but now I really love being able to go right back to basics with old fashioned techniques and local manufacturing.


What’s the best thing about what you do?
Creative freedom, I love being able to explore an idea, and then chat to customers directly about their response to it. With a small business, when a customer absolutely loves my products it is so rewarding.


When did you start exhibiting at Life Instyle?
This upcoming Life Instyle will be my first. I am very excited!

Why do you choose to exhibit at Life Instyle?
I would like to expand exposure to Maya Muse and grow the brand.


What can we expect from you at the next show?
I am hoping to have some new prints and an expanded tablewear range available.

Right now I’m:
Eating… Thai
Drinking… Gin and tonic
Reading… Harry Potter. I am very behind the times and embarrassingly addicted!
Planning… Concept boards for the upcoming range
Enjoying… Catching up with friends

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