Design Twins Indoor Pots

Indoor plants are fast becoming the biggest interiors trend of 2015. Samantha Bell founder of Stories by Stella talks with Mitchel Lindsay from Design Twins and finds out the trick to beautiful indoor plants.

The revival of indoor plants is more than just improving indoor air quality. They are an easy way to add some colour into your home or fill that corner of your house that has been left lifeless and screaming for some much needed attention!

It’s without doubt, beautifully hand made pots are contributing to this trend and speaking with Mitchel Lindsay from Design Twins, “it was the idea to create something unique that Australia had never seen before” that has helped make Design Twins so successful.

Design Twins Pots

When asked what Mitchel loves specifically about indoor plants it’s that “they give life to any space and soften a room to make it more calming and healthy”. Mitchel favours the “Devils Ivy or Fiddle Leaf Fig because they look beautiful and don’t need too much maintenance”.

These light weight pots are also an easy way to bring the outside in and are not limited to just the indoors with plenty of people starting to dot them around the outside of the house under pergolas or under cover areas to add a unique touch to their home.

Design Twins Pots

When caring for your plants always be sure to read the tag that comes with it as some plants require full sun, while others require partial or shade. Always ensure there is adequate drainage for when you water your plant and be sure to not over water them- it is recommended you keep them in their plastic containers rather than planting them directly into the pots. Also try to avoid air conditioners when finding a place for your indoor plant, as they need humidified air.

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Three sizes are available on the Design Twins website and with each size being able to conveniently stack inside the other, it helps to keep shipping costs down.

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