Innovation Pitchfest – The Top 9

Innovation Pitchfest WPF

So the top 20 have now become the top 9.

After a day full of pitching not only to a room packed full of like minded individuals but also to a judging panel that would seal their fate in the top 9 our Life Instyle Innovation Pitchfest entrants did spectacularly well with 3 out of 5 top 9 placings being awarded to Life Instyle Exhibitors.

The Innovation Pitchfest top 20 consisted of 14 Life Instyle exhibitors: Minnow Designs, Tiger Tribe (2), B.Box for kids (3), Stix & Flora (2), Make Me Iconic, Pouch Australia, Bendo, Write To Me Stationery and Delight Decor.

Life Instyle would like to congratulate our 3 pitchers who have now moved on to be part of the Top 9 finalists for Innovation Pitchfest.

Pouch Australia – Play Pouch

Play Pouch



Delight Decor – Hugglo Night Light




B.Box for Kids – Travel Bib, Sippy Cup & Toddler Cutlery



The final rounds of Innovation Pitchfest will be held in Melbourne during the Life Instyle and Reed Gift Fair events.

For more information click here.

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