Instagram Stories: What is it?

Instagram Stories What is it

Last week, Instagram launched Instagram Stories. It’s essentially offering the same features as Snapchat, but built into the Instagram app. It’s massive game changer for Instagram and brands and people have been jumping on board. So what is it and what does it mean for you and your business?

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram describes Instagram Stories as ‘a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile’.

Similar to Snapchat, it lets you share images and videos, apply filters or text and add them a story so your followers can see. And, just like Snapchat, your story disappears after 24 hours.

How to use it

  1. Download the new update that includes the new Instagram Stories feature from the App Store
  2. At the top of your news feed, you’ll see a bar with the profile pictures of the people you follow. If there is a colourful ring around their picture, it means there’s a new story for you to watch. Tap the picture to watch the story.
  3. To share a story, press the + icon in the top left corner of your news feed. It will take you to a camera screen.
  4. Take a video or photo, add drawings with the paint tools in the top right corner, or touch the screen to add text and swipe across to apply different filters.
  5. Tap the centre button with the tick to add to your story.
  6. You can also add any photos or videos you’ve taken in the last 24 hours from your camera roll by swiping down.

Your story will be published to everyone who follows you, however if you don’t want someone to see it, you can choose to hide it from certain people. Go to your profile, tap the Settings icon in the top right corner, click on Story Settings then choose who you want to hide your story from.

You can also save your story to your phone or share your story to your profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right corner of the photo or video and choosing Save or share to your profile by choosing Share as Post.

Of Kin Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories sits at the top of your Instagram feed. Here’s a glimpse of the story I posted over the weekend at Life Instyle.

Why I love it

It’s easy to use
For me, it feels a lot more user friendly than Snapchat. It took me a long time, and many YouTube tutorials, to get the hang of Snapchat and swiping all over the place for different things. Instagram Stories seems to be a little smoother and simpler.

It’s all in the one spot.
This is really the big one for me! There’s no need to switch out of Instagram into Snapchat, you get the same benefits but in one platform. It also means you don’t have to find the people you want to follow on new platforms, because they’re all already there. I’m already seeing a lift in the number of people watching my stories because I simple have a bigger community of kin on Instagram.

It’s one less thing to have to worry about.
Social media is constantly growing and evolving and it can be hard to keep up with multiple platforms and their unique features and audiences. Yes, you still have to get your head around how to use it but you don’t have to worry about starting fresh and building up an audience on a new platform.

It combines the best of both worlds.

You get to have your gorgeous, curated, visually inspiring feed and you get to have fun with quick videos that are a little more ‘real’ and offer even more of a glimpse into you and your business.

What it doesn’t offer yet is the fun character filters that Snapchat is known for, but who knows what will happen in the future. Instagram Stories has instantly been embraced by people and brands and I can see it really taking off. I’m not sure what this means for Snapchat, but I know I’ll be focusing on Instagram Stories and playing around with this new feature over the coming weeks. I’m predicting it may mean a lot of brands launch on Instagram Stories before making the switch to Snapchat, if they decide to at all.

We’ll look at some ways to use it for your business next week. but in the meantime hop on and play around! Share your first video and give your gorgeous kin an insight into your life.

Have you tried Instagram Stories yet? How are you finding it? Are you a Snapchat fan or an Instagram Stories lover?

Kylie, x

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