Instyle: Siobhan O’Brien, MISS MOSS

The creative director and owner of MISS MOSS is the very talented Siobhan O’Brien. Having spent the past decade or so writing books, stories and editing magazines about designers, artists and their artistry, Siobhan decided to jump the fence.  Throwing herself into jewellery design, textiles and painting, she launched MISS MOSS in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

The MISS MOSS brand is directional yet wearable; contemporary yet classic. Comfort and quality is also high the agenda. Product ranges include women’s clothing, jewellery and fashion accessories such as bags and scarves. Be sure to check out her new collections at Life Instyle in Sydney… and while you’re there, have a chat about one of Australia’s most interesting designers, Florence Broadhurst (yes, Siobhan wrote that wonderful book about her life a few years back).


In the meantime, here’s a little more about Siobhan’s story…

How did you end up where you are today?
It’s been an interesting journey, that’s for sure! I actually trained as a journalist and found a niche for myself writing and editing magazines about design and the arts. Later, I went on to write books and biographies of a design ilk. I still write the odd article from time-to-time, but my real passion is MISS MOSS. I’ve always been a very visual, creative and driven person. Starting my own fashion brand a few years ago provided the perfect formula for me. It gave me the opportunity – on a daily basis – to exercise my many and varied interests: design, management and marketing. It also means I NEVER get bored – which I have a tendency to do when I work for other people! The idea for MISS MOSS gestated for some time, but it was after I had my third child that I took a leap of faith. Now the brand has evolved from being a fashion accessories label into something far more significant. Every day I wake with excitement about the things that I can achieve and the things that I can create.


What’s the best thing about what you do?
The freedom to be my own boss and to work around the needs of my children. My regular overseas jaunts for manufacturing are pretty hard to refuse as well.


When did you start exhibiting at Life Instyle?
My first exhibition with Life Instyle was August 2010, Melbourne.

Why do you exhibit at Life Instyle?
I was aware of the Life Instyle platform for many years as a design journalist and the “dream” that it provided for creative entrepreneurs and designers. It has always been regarded as a high end, specialised, boutique environment for these “creatives” to launch their brands. Now, I find myself on the flip side and I still believe in the Life Instyle dream.

What has been your Life Instyle highlight?
My first day at Life Instyle last year. My sales far exceeded all expectations and I was floating on the ceiling. Or maybe it was the champagne?!


What can we expect from you at the next show?
Winter 2011 is my best collection yet! For garments, visitors can expect: reversible winter coats; interchangeable layers (skirts/pants/dresses/skivvies and such); a muted palette of black/grey/white with bright sparks of blood red and limited edition animal prints; sensational beaded tops and vests with matching leather bags and cuffs. For jewellery: bold and bright resin necklaces with a tribal touch and a selection of botanical inspired sterling silver and semi precious jewels.


Right now I’m:
Eating… I am fortunate to be married to a man who does all the cooking. My husband is wine and food critic, journalist and author Greg Duncan Powell. He frequently experiments with food and one of our favourite pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres is pork, chilli and garlic wontons. His culinary curiosity recently led him to stuff squid tubes with this exotic pork mixture – what a dish!
Drinking… I am an unapologetic Chardonnay lover.
Reading… Foreign Correspondence: Geraldine Brookes
Hearing… My husband is mad about Flamenco guitar. Every morning he practices via webcam with teacher Ruben Diaz
Planning… For Life Instyle Feb, 2011! I can’t wait!
Buying… Natural skincare and mineral makeup.
Enjoying…Ballet Russes: The Art of Costume at the National Gallery of Australia

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