Jewelled Art by Ollie and Delilah


If you are anything like us than you absolutely love coming across unique local artists producing amaaaazing things. All we can say is prepare yourselves….. Today we interview Cassie Appleton, the creative genius behind new kid on the block – Ollie and Delilah.

It’s fair to say we have a new found jewelled skull obsession!


1. Tell us a little about your background – what led you to what you’re doing now?

I’ve always loved creating things! I studied both fashion and graphic design and have a passion for interior design and styling. I decided to combine my love for all of those things and launch my own online store and that’s how Ollie and Delilah came about. I launched Ollie and Delilah just over a month ago now and have had such a great response. It’s pretty overwhelming!



2. How did the concept come about?

About six months ago I was checking out a local second hand store and stumbled upon an old painted bull skull which I thought was pretty great. A few months later I came across a naturally sourced deer skull for sale locally and thought I would have a go at decorating it. I pulled apart some old jewellery and added some sequins and embellishments. I had such a great response from friends that I decided to make more. All of my skulls have been naturally sourced, mostly from farms and properties throughout Australia where the animals have died from natural causes.



3. Is each work pre-planned or created very intuitively?

I usually have an idea of the colours I want to use for each skull but most of them I create as I go.


4. What does a typical day at work involve for you?

At the moment my days consist of boiling, bleaching and scrubbing skulls, not my favourite thing to do! I also spend a lot of my time tracking down skulls, sourcing beautiful jewels and embellishments and generally making a mess. My house is full of skulls at the moments and I have beads and sequins everywhere. I’m sure my landlord thinks I’m crazy.


5. Who inspires you most and tell us why…

I’m inspired by so many people. Anyone who really, really loves what they do.

6. Your style is best described as…

My style is forever changing and evolving. I would say eclectic, colourful and maybe a little bohemian.

7. What other artists are you captivated by?

At the moment I’m loving Jai Vasicek. I just love his use of vibrant colour and beautiful patterns. I’ve also recently come across an amazing artist, Aaron Darcy from @aboynamedaaron who creates these incredible anchors.




8. What does the future hold for Ollie and Delilah?

Expanding my range of jewellery and homewares and maybe launching my own line of clothing. And plenty of skulls!






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