Jungle Green


Today we are absolutely delighted to welcome back the talented Wendy of Hello Yellow, sharing some inspirational ways to introduce plants into your home from the odd pot or all out leafy…

Never underestimate the power of adding greenery to your home. Not only does it add a pop of colour but it also introduces organic shapes, height and personality too.

I like to see anything from indoor plants, a balcony garden to a stunning backyard space. I love that even the tiniest of spaces can join in too!

Here I will share my favourite ways to introduce greenery into your home + some inspirational images to show you what you can achieve!

Whether you go for the odd pot or all out leafy… it will really change the feel of your room and make it unique and beautiful to you.

Lumiere Art + Co. Canvas buckets + frame


Stunning prints on canvas are a great way to house your pot plants and now Lumiere have stunning frames for them to sit in too!


Mister Moss


We can’t go past Mister Moss for a unique pop of colour and greenery! So many choices too …it can take a while!


A wooden hanging planter by Emiti

03-Planter hanging Pink Leaf EMITI-300x400

We love this hand crafted hanging planter. Lots of designs and colours and a limited edition piece.


Jungle Leaf timber painting

04-Bonnie and Neil TIMBER ART-300x400

How about a timber art work based on gorgeous greenery! Look at this stunning new art work by Bonnie and Neil!


Office baby


This has inspired me to add some more plants to my space I must say.


Hanging green


Even the smallest of green can make a difference, especially when hung in such a unique way.


Green ceiling love


The best designers never forget a ceiling!


I do have a love of colour but none more so than when nature can bring that pop I am looking for.

I hope I have got you running to your nearest garden centre or boutique nursery for your next green purchase. It will make all the difference.


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