Mustard Made launch their new brand at Life Instyle

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Plan A. Launch new brand, Mustard Made, at Life Instyle Sydney.

It was the only plan the Mustard Made sisters, Becca & Jess, had when launching the baby they had worked on from opposite sides of the world.

When asked about their business name, Becca & Jess respond with…

“The name mustard fits us perfectly. It might not be for everyone, but those who love it, get it. It’s a hot colour, hot condiment + now a hot new brand.


Words from Becca & Jess

I just wanted to say Thank You to you and the Life Instyle Team.

From the very start of developing the Mustard idea, we knew that Life Instyle was where we wanted to launch it. It was my plan A and there was no plan B!! We poured all our money into Mustard and paying for my stand was seriously painful! I even took the money from my sons savings account to pay for all our props and stand set up (don’t tell him, I promise I’ll pay him back!!) So it felt very scary but I knew that it was worth the investment and worth the big stand to make an impact and show off our products the right way.

We were overwhelmed with the lovely comments we received and over the moon with the orders! We set ourselves a goal to get 9 orders over the four days (10 seemed too big!!) and we got 9 orders on day 1!! We hoped we would sell enough to fill half our first container and ended up selling more than double that enabling us to buy not one 20ft but two 40ft containers!!

I wanted you all to know that this means SO much to us. To have a platform to reach the people who could make our dream happen was the best start we could give our business baby. The whole event was smooth and seamless and we were almost in tears of gratitude for the helpful staff who helped us unload our van!

I’d highly recommend the Training Wheels day as I found it really helpful in getting my head around the whole trade show experience. I have connected with Chris from Opus and he’s been a wealth of knowledge and Marni has been handling my freight like a boss! So it was valuable in very practical ways as well as being a nice chance to connect with other exhibitors.




More information about our Melbourne Training Wheels event on June 13 will be available soon. Stay tuned to find out when tickets are available.

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