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Painted floorboards are a beautiful and easy way to update any living space. Interior Designer, Angela Steyn shares how to take this trend to the next level with a pop of your kid’s rooms.

Just quietly, I’m a bit obsessed with painted floorboards. So much so, my husband and I once painted our floorboards white… in a rental property! It didn’t end well but that’s another story.

Painted floorboards in children’s rooms is one of the quickest and easiest ways of transforming a space into a place of eye-popping magic (provided you own your own home of course!). A child’s bedroom should be a place of wonder, where imaginations run wild and free against a backdrop of happy colours and fun patterns.

My Scandinavian Home

The good news is that painting your floorboards is dead easy. Even creating patterns is really quite simple with the aid of a steady hand a roll of masking tape. Don’t be shy with the colours – go bold or go home is my motto.

Your kids will be wearing black eyeliner and a crucifix before you know it so make the most of this blissful period of their lives when the thought of a pink and white harlequin floor sends their little tutus whirling with delight.
Pop Sugar
A quick Google search will give you many helpful YouTube clips and blog articles on how to go about painting your floors. For some great general tips on how to create a DIY diamond patterned floor I suggest heading over to the Emmy & Mouse blog – Emma’s advice on white-wash floors can be easily adapted to solid paint colours.

(L-R) Paul Raeside; Pernilla Hed
Paul Raeside // Pernilla Hed

My tip (from painful experience) is to make sure you choose a hard-wearing floor paint such as Porters Perfect Floor Paint – the satin finish is much easier to care for and is more slip-resistant than high gloss floor paints.

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    Em (Emmy & Mouse)

    Thank you so much for the mention – it was back breaking stuff but totally worth it! Great inspiration 🙂

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