Pairing Old with New


Transforming a house into a home is more than selecting the perfect furniture and accessories.  Our new contributor Commercial Stylist and Reno-addict, Belle Toohey of Saint Ziggy shares the secret to creating an on-trend homely feel.

It’s only been over the past few months that I have noticed that the ability to pair old and new is a real talent. A talent that I believe sets a true stylist apart.

Combining aspects of the home with new trends and modern luxuries is a way of making a house a home.

Think about the latest catalogue from a big homewares store. Although the pages look lovely as it is styled perfectly and everything matches, do you really want this look for your home? If you visited a friend’s home and it looked like that would you “ooh and ahh” or simply comment “nice house”.

Pairing Old with New

The use of heirlooms and sentimental items are what turns a house in to a home. And I’m not just talking about adding a couple of photos in the perfectly matched photo frames; I’m talking about grandma’s canisters and the old sideboard from your childhood home. A gorgeous little chair from the back shed of your parents farm and being able to make it work in a space that is filled with items that are of a much newer decade is what I call true style. Placing a stunning new linen cushion on that chair will bring it to life- and often gives you a purpose when searching for new wares for your home. It gives you a base to style the rest of your space.

So have a think about the pieces in your home and before you say no to your nagging parents asking you if you want “your old dollhouse” consider how you can repurpose it and make it work. Not only will your home be such a pleasant feel good place to be but things will have a story which is something that you can’t buy in that catalogue. These things are often one offs and will bring feel good memories to you as well as your guests.



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