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In the increasingly crowded and fiercely competitive world of PR, achieving coverage is far from simple and requires more than one electric- shock tactic to help keep your brand in the media, and stay there! With the changing face of social media, aggressive marketplace competition and evolving technologies transforming the media landscape at rapid speed, the PICCOLO PR BOOT CAMP has been created to help educate both established and emerging businesses about this constantly shifting brand new world. Through PR strategy consultation, insight into current and unfolding media trends and showing you how to cultivate the visibility of your brand across all PR platforms, Piccolo PR Boot Camp will get you into the media spotlight, and show you how to stay there.

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There are many components of PR that come together to help get visibility for your products. Over the last decade, I’ve consulted with hundreds of frustrated companies (Australia and abroad) who, despite having a beautiful and unique collection, just couldn’t quite get the media attention and traction they needed.

Having redefined their PR strategy we were able to create an identifiable media persona for their brand using some of the critical components listed below:

Traditional Publicity- PR is a first and foremost a lifestyle choice – it is an art, an addiction and a full time job that needs to be attended to daily. If you’re serious about PR, you need to ensure your brand has relevance in the current media and social climate. Make it your priority to read the newspapers daily, link your brand messages with imaginative and topical communications and help stay ahead of the conversational current.

Projection- I always sit down with my clients to design a three- six month content plan to help build a brand with long term vision. The marketplace is diluted and fierce and short terms wins need to be supported by a long-term, resilient strategy plan that is seasonal, on trend and complimentary to the marketplace. As a content curator, bring to life newsworthy pitches that will tell a story about your brand with further opportunity for second indent stories.

Little Black Book– Stay on target. Identify the journalists/bloggers aligned with your desired audience, and stay up to date with beat(s) and topic(s) they cover. Establish a a media network, including a mix of your journalists and bloggers along with celebrities, trade, government, stylists and the “cool kids” using personalised style, tone and content for specific media. PR has never been more about “who you know”, and a single contextual tweet can reach thousands within minutes, notably without the “in your face” product placement people are growing more adverse to.

However, whilst social media has made building relationships and connecting with the masses much easier, it should complement rather than replace the personal touch of face-to-face communication. Be your brand. Align yourself with your product audience – the world may be expanding rapidly and communication growing more technological but you need to sell your brand as a lifestyle choice, and who better to epitomise the lifestyle of your brand than yourself?

Events– Events provide the ideal opportunity to amplify your brand. Whether it’s a new collection launch, store opening or publishing house tour, a beautifully designed event with a guest list specifically curated from a coveted database of celebrity, VIP and media contacts will help your brand receive optimal balance of exclusivity and prestige with high quality editorial event coverage.

Get Social: Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Brands wanting to exploit the blogging boom use the power of social media to attract customers & drive sales. As social media continues to skyrocket in popularity, it is the people – your buyers – who now have the ability to voice their opinions on a level unprecedented before this time. Engage with them, discuss with them and listen to them-never before have brands been able to interact so directly with their audience and improve efficiencies based on immediate feedback.

I’m perpetually telling the brands I represent that if you’re not participating in social media today, then you’re missing an opportunity to spread a message and missing valuable conversations that could be taking place about the brand.  Start “following” social media personalities that personify your brand, Instagram photos that represent the ideology of your brand, hashtag words that best help identify the personality behind your brand.

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Piccolo PR is boutique consumer and lifestyle Public Relations agency based in Sydney. With over ten years local and international experience, Director of Piccolo PR, Sarah Cichy has been heralded as one of Sydney’s most esteemed Lifestyle PR agents. For more information about the Piccolo PR Boot camp or to help your brand get in the media spotlight, please contact Sarah Cichy Sarah@piccolopr.com.au or 0415 423 832. 


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