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Welcome to the brand new Life Instyle blog series – Product of the Week. This is a new series that showcases individual products from Life Instyle exhibitors, hand selected by the Life Instyle team, that display the perfect tactile representation of what Life Instyle is. Quality, unique products that are made with so much love a care bear would be jealous!

Today we feature the classic and chic singlet dress by the beautiful duo Andrea & Joen. Seriously…the designs from these ladies are just as beautiful as their personalities and we love viewing their latest collection each season.

Andrea & Joen

Andrea & Joen Loungewear is chic and relaxed, created from luxurious French linen designed in effortless silhouettes. Lounging is a luxury and what we wear should reflect this. Much like our French Bed linen collections, our loungewear is where luxury meets design simplicity. The essence of our loungewear is beautiful separates that are contemporary, yet functional. The silhouettes are flattering and suit different body shapes and sizes. Our indulgent loungewear is a combination of sumptuous French linen with modern cuts and simple detailing which is synonymous with the Andrea & Joen philosophy.

Our design philosophy is beautiful minimalist cuts with oversized relaxed silhouettes. The singlet dress was inspired by the relaxed look and feel of the beach side with a mix of the urban landscape. Simple, sophisticated, pared back and relaxed.

We look at body shape, proportions and from there we start designing the details such the tailoring – we choose not to have as much as possible any hardware – such a zippers, clasps has to be able to be worn easily and flatter the body. Comfort is the most important whilst maintaining quality tailoring, design, and minimal fuss. After the initial design its small details that make the piece perfect.

Andrea & Joen

All our loungewear pieces are made from French linen, it is made in France, then sent over to our factory to be made into loungewear and bed linen.

The cultivating process of linen takes time and most important is growing weather conditions. Linen is made from the flax plant. Taking on average 100 days from seed planting to crop. Flax cannot endure very hot weather; thus, some countries produce higher quality flax than others. Countries such a Belgium, France, Ireland and Italy are known to be where the best crops are grown. We choose our linen from France, where the quality is one of the best.

Linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is a completely natural and a renewable resource. Perhaps the most ecologically sound fabric of all and it is totally biodegradable and recyclable. Every part of the flax plant is used to produce natural products that range from linseeds, linseed oils, rag paper, soaps and more. Few products are so efficient and environmentally sound as flax. Linen production does not cause any harm for nature and is eco-friendly using very little chemicals in the process as compared to other natural fiber production.

We are proud supporters of Beyond the Stigma Gala which is held annually with all donations raised supporting Beyond Blue.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. Over 3 million Australians are living with Depression or Anxiety. Eight Australians every day take their own life.

Andrea & Joen

Andrea & Joen

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