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Studio Roller – A wall mounted bracket that seamlessly dispenses kraft paper to write ideas, menus, specials, and daily tasks, is our pick for Life Instyle Product of the Week!

George & Willy  are newcomers to the Life Instyle community but by golly, they joined with a bang. Introducing us to their range for the first time ever at Life Instyle. With an eclectic range of products from drying racks to trestle tables, fire starters, and nail clippers, George & Willy are definitely ones to watch in the future if you are after new, innovative and exciting.

George & Willy

Needing something to plan projects on in the work shop but not loving the idea of a whiteboard, we decided to solve our own problems and create a bracket to hold an old roll of kraft paper to plan our wood working jobs on. Everyone who came into the workshop from that point on loved the idea and we have never looked back.

Over time we have had so many different models of this product with the first ever bracket weighing about 20kgs. They are pretty big and we wanted to find a way we could use this idea in many different areas of the home such as the bedroom or kitchen, so we adapted the design and came up with the daily roller. This version allows the user to take it with them anywhere they are in the home or office without having to pull the bracket off the wall and move it somewhere else.

Our roller is made in Asia from powder-coated aluminum. We love that the studio roller inspires people to share ideas and get creative! It will last forever and is super fun!

George & Willy

George & Willy

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This product was hand selected by the Life Instyle Marketing Exec, Kate. Kate picked this product because of the fun and creative vibes it brings to any space and the fact that it is truly innovative and something unique to Life Instyle.

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