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This week we shine a spotlight on the very cool, Stoned Crystals as they take out this week’s, Product of The Week title. Handpicked by Danielle from the Life Instyle team we love the Geo Gems because they are a truly unique and modern take on incorporating crystals into the home. We chat with Ashley, founder of Stoned Crystals about the who, where, what and whys of the brand.

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Product Of The Week

The Geo Gems was Stoned Crystal’s first Collection which really embodied bringing ‘A Fresh and Modern take on crystals for the Home and Workspace’. The aim of the Collection (Beautifully Boxed 5 stone- geometric crystal shapes with matching Pantone Style Energy Cards) was to test the conventional use of crystals by making them more accessible and more fashionable to the everyday person.

Over the past few years I have lent myself to the spiritual side and crystals were a natural progression from my love for yoga and meditation. Raised in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne and coming from a modern family and home I had never been exposed to crystal energy before. Under the direction of somewhat of a spiritual mentor to me, I visited a crystal city looking for crystals to incorporate into an old Jewelry label I had back in 2015. I learnt to feel crystal energy for the first time and also found that there were very few websites clearly explaining what crystals are, how they work and how we can incorporate them into the modern day lifestyle. It was here that my obsession and experimentation with crystals began. There were so many roadblocks for me to learn and also buy crystals for the first time. This difficult journey inspired me to start Stoned Crystals and begin to demystify crystals to the world.

Product Of The Week


When creating the Geo Gems Collection the following things were taken into account:

  • The product needed to satisfy a design-conscious market in order to succeed in a retail format on a fresh and modern take on crystals.

..SO for our First Collection we decided on Geometric Shapes- GEO GEMS.. It was something our suppliers had done before and it was a good introduction to crystals for my business and also my customers. A shape that was relevant, easy to style and looked fantastic as a Collection.

  • The product needed to be a systematic design that could easily be scaled and sold in high quantities on an international scale.

The size of the GEO GEMS individually and in their boxes are good for shipping and freight. The full collection sits stunningly on an Acrylic POS Display that really stands out in store and makes you want to Collect them all! The price point meansthey are accessible to the everyday person and the beautiful packaging made it a unique present you would feel special gifting.

  • The Crystals Concept needed to be rewritten, choosing the crystals should be enjoyable, easy and approachable.

Product Of The Week

We have a very strong brand message behind STONED. We challenge the way people look at crystals and build products never seen before. Our Vision is to bring the wisdom and tradition of crystals into the modern world by translating their spiritual history into a wellness and lifestyle message. The Geo Gems come with Pantone Style Energy cards that really help any consumer. Whether they subscribe to crystal energy or not to very easily select a crystal and not overthink the process. We share short 2 minute videos with our retailers which have selling tips and tricks that anyone can use to instigate people to engage with the Crystals at their Point of Sale and feel comfortable to pick one for themselves!

Our product comes from places all over the world including Brazil, Madagascar, and India. If you check out the product description on our website you will find the Origin. They are hand cut and polished by our expert lapidarists and delivered safely to your door no matter where you are!

Product Of The Week

We are currently in the process of creating an amazing new concept which will give our customers the option to give back to the community on their purchases in a way chosen by them! We are looking forward to unveiling this is 2018!

A fresh and modern take on crystals that create Zen within oneself and balance into the spaces around you. GEO GEMS- Earth’s Natural Mineral Sculptures!

Product Of The Week

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Facebook- @getstonedcrystals

Product Of The Week

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Product Of The Week



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