A quick catch-up with Kylie Lewis

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Kylie Lewis, Of Kin  is like a celebrity in our community and today, we are asking her to address the important questions we should all be asking ourselves. We think #3 is the most important.

LIS: What has been the best part of your role to date?

K: The flexiblity to manage my time around my development goals, my family and my energy. However, perhaps more than that, it’s the freedom to learn, create and serve – nothing gives me a buzz more than sharing what I know and hearing that it changed how someone thought, worked, loved or led for the better. Positive change in someone’s life can have an incredible ripple effect not only for themselves and their loved ones, but for generations after them. If we can get better at understanding how we as emotional beings operate, and do the work to show up with vulnerability and courage, I honestly believe we can change families, communities, cities and countries for good.


LIS: What has been the greatest challenge of your role thus far?

K: Riding the wave of uncertainty – about my evolution from a digital marketer to leadership & business coach/facilitator. And then the usual suspects like the impact of my work with clients, a customer pipeline, the highs and lows of cashflow, the comparison trap and the imposter syndrome. Does anyone not ever experience these things?!

LIS: What has been your best day in the office? (highlight your biggest achievement)

K: The best days are always the days out of the office, and being with curious, creative and wholehearted people – my clients and workshop attendees. I remember the very first workshop I ran with seven people in the workshop room in Koskela in Sydney six months after leaving a dream job. I was standing at the back of the room catching my breath and thinking ‘I am actually doing this, with people I love, in a space I love, with content I care about and presenting it in a way that feels like a true reflection of who I am.’ That level of authenticity is intoxicating – I’m hooked.

LIS: What excites you about the future?

Humanising work and killing the hustling culture. The rise of women in leadership: can you imagine just for a minute what condition the world might be in if every country had a female head of state? A compassionate approach to refugees. Affordable green energy. A much better Gmail interface. Mindfulness, kindness and courage on school curriculums globally. My kids end of year dance concert. The next Star Wars movie and Brené Brown book. The possibility my husband might actually one-day enjoying cooking.


LIS: What’s your favourite trending piece in our industry?

K: Small joys that help us slow down, feel nurtured, and are made with integrity for the conscious. Usually for me that means things aren’t on trend per se, but timeless classics that can hold their grace no matter what is being touted by populists. Kinda like my favourite type of people. Oh and the stories behind the brands – I always fall more in love with something when I can connect with the human made it happen.

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  • Reply May 5, 2017

    Claire Cau-Cecile

    Beautiful Kylie always has something positive to say about people and situations. Indeed an inspiration and a kindred spirit.x

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