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Happy Friday to you all! Today on the blog, we will be hearing from our good friend Hannah Boctor, from Rollie. We were so pleased with Rollie’s participation at our recent Sydney event, as they have a very special brand and a dynamic story to accompany it. If you don’t already know what they do at Rollie, we’re giving you the chance to understand their world and the wonderful work they do today.



Being a part of the team for 4 years now it’s been an amazing journey seeing the company’s growth in such a short period and I’m very excited for all the amazing things we have in the works this year. Watch this space!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bike ride around the streets of Berlin with comfortable, yet on-trend footwear, without needing to wear your work-out gear? Or wait in line to visit the Colosseum without aching feet? The idea of owning a shoe so light and comfortable, yet still super cool, has always been on the traveller’s mind and Australian designer, Vince Lebon has created this reality.

2017_02_Feb concept 1

Wanting to create a shoe so light that you could take as many pairs as you wanted whilst travelling, Lebon was inspired by his flight attendant wife, Kat aka Rollie, who was looking for the perfect shoe to jet set around the world with.

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Not long after this initial thought, Lebon realised that this was something that most people, including aspiring travelers, would want. Being inspired by the Havaiana flip flop where people would come back for different designs each season, Lebon self-funded his creation in 2012 and sold his first 500 pairs in five weeks at the South Melbourne Market. Each shoe was consistently comfortable, on-trend and light. They represented Rollie Nation.

Vince Lebon

Weighing 20g less than a pair of Havaianas, Rollie’s matchless style is versatile and perfect for any occasion. Rollie caters for the youthful spirits, the older souls and anyone who loves a comfortable shoe. Being inspired by the world, Rollie is a brand connected to the universal love of colour, wonder and fun!

Four successful years down the track, Rollies are now being sold in leading stores in 11 countries around the world; Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, UK and USA. From casual trainers to stylish lace ups, Rollie is designed for men, women and children, allowing the whole family to experience the Rollie Nation Revolution.

2017_03_March concept 1

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