With Life Instyle Sydney only days away we wanted you to get to know Sarah Jensen, who we are delighted to say will be appearing at our Conversation Series . Sarah Jensen is a sought after online life and business coach, internationally published writer, host of the iTunes New and Noteworthy “Rock Your Goals” podcast, and creator of the award winning Rock Your Goals workshops.  Keen to see her session? Why not get to know her a little better first…

Sarah Jensen - Rock Your Goals Workshop - Amy Agnew Photography 2

LIS: How did you get into this industry?

S: I’ve gone from being someone who lived for weekends and absolutely hated their day job, to someone who actually wants to get out of bed in the morning and enjoys their work.  I still have to pinch myself sometimes to check that it’s real! And while it was half a life-time’s journey to get here, and it’s always changing and growing, I feel incredibly grateful that I’ve become part of this incredible world of business, where you can make a living AND make a difference.  It’s an absolute gift.

Sarah Jensen - Rock Your Goals Workshop - Amy Agnew Photography

LIS: What will be your biggest challenge this year?

S: Keeping my focus and trying not to do ‘ALL of the things’! I get excited, I love a good idea, and I’m a little susceptible to ‘shiny object syndrome’, which often means I try to do way too many things at once. So, my focus for the year ahead is to simplify things. To help me stay focused on my goal, I’ve set two guiding questions which I’ve put on a post-it note on my wall and they are:

“How can I make it easy?” and “How can I make it fun?”  I try to remind myself that none of us start our own business to be more stressed or have less time with our families or the good stuff in life, so I try to bring a little ease and fun into each and every day.

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LIS: What’s the most unique aspect of what you do?

S: Hands down it’s the variety, and it’s one of the thing I love the most. I get bored easily and I used to really struggle with office work because it was repetitive and, let’s be honest, absolutely mind numbing. My business gives me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people, work with amazing clients, talk with inspiring business people and learn from everyone I connect with, and that’s something I truly value. It’s definitely not all glamorous (a lot of the magic happens in my study while wearing my PJs or trackie-dacks) but even on the boring days, the hard days, or those days when I’m having a freak out or a mini meltdown, complete with tears (because no matter how long you’ve been in business that stuff happens), I love what I do and it blows my mind that I get paid to have fun!

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LIS: By the end of the year, what would you like your customers to be saying about your business?

S: I’d love them to be saying, “You HAVE to work with Sarah.  She rocks!  She’s so open and real, and she knows her stuff.  She’ll help you take amazing action in your business and totally Rock Your Goals.” 

Sarah Jensen 6 - photographed by Amy Agnew

LIS: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

S: This is going to sound SUPER corny, but it’s knowing that I get to truly connect and have amazing conversations with awesome people, and that I get to make a difference in someone’s day That, and breakfast! I get hangry :p 

3.00pm – 4.00pm
Tickets: $30.00

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