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Of the many national and international media that attend Life Instyle & Kids Instyle, the lovely Danielle De Gail, editor of Shop 4 Kids magazine visited once again with some of her team. 

Danielle took some time out to share her thoughts with us on the products and brands she discovered at Kids Instyle Sydney.  A big thanks to Danielle for sharing this with us. 

What were the standout trends you spotted at Kids Instyle for Kidswear?

I noticed lots of vintage fabrics and mixed prints, lending a home-made, old-fashioned feel to kids’ fashion. There was also some great denim (in bright colours), fabulous shoes and lots of mini-me clothing and accessories (things you wish came in your size). 

What were your personal favourite exhibitors at Kids Instyle?

Lark was a stand-out. They just have so many gorgeous, quirky gift ideas. You don’t know where to look first. I love their vintage aesthetic. The Lark stand was so busy you could barely squeeze yourself in to check it out! And Little Rivet for the best kids’ denim.  

Your prize for best stand design?

Mae (known for their amazing decals) was soooo cute – I loved how they set up their stand like a child’s bedroom. A very simple idea but it was so visually effective. 

Your favourite new Kids Instyle exhibitor on the block?

The Banter and Frolic themed party kits caught my eye – very stylish and I love how you can buy the whole kit in one hit. Furniture brand Left Hand Make also impressed me. Their table and chairs and swing are so beautiful and unique and they evoke that feeling of childhood fun and innocence. 

Your pick of fashion labels at Kids Instyle?

I can’t go past Little Rivett for jeans. Along with the usual blue washes, they come in the coolest colours like white, apple green and lilac. I also love Huckleberry Lane for its cute PJs – great design and beautiful soft fabrics. I also loved the cool and quirky pieces from NZ-based label Minti. 

Favourite toy at Kids Instyle?

Technically they’re not toys, but I loved the fun range of food accessories from Jetti Spaghetti Designs, including the cheeky chopsticks and soup-a-dooper bowls. Anything that makes food time fun (and little ones eat) is a winner.  

Most innovative product/design you saw in Sydney?

Bluearth Baby Water – it’s the purest form of water (no sodium, chlorine or fluoride), which means no more boiling tap water for formula milk. This is an Australian first so it was great to see something exciting and unique.  

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