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With only two days to go until Kids Instyle opens, the bloggers at KidStyleFile.com.au are sharpening their pencils, charging their cameras and limbering their typing fingers to cover the best kids trade show Australia has to offer.


Angela Anderson is KidStyleFile’s mumma, and she dropped by to give us a bit more of the story about her online baby…

Tell us little about KidStyleFile…
I started KidStyleFile.com.au in late 2007 to provide a central location from which mums like me could access the cream of the crop of the boutique and designer baby and kids industry in Australia. As well as providing a great space for mums I wanted to provide a platform for boutique businesses to be seen through. Other baby and kids related sites were prohibitively expensive and concentrated more on mainstream businesses that were already well established. I wanted to offer an affordable, more focused alternative. We now work with the most exciting and dynamic stores, brands and labels in Australia and we are ranked within the top 0.5% off websites worldwide.

What sets it apart from other blogs in this genre?
We listen carefully to our readership – we conduct an intensive survey annually – and we work with retailers, designers and wholesalers directly to help them meet their marketing goals.

What’s been the most surprising thing about running your business?
How fast it took off – like a rocket!!

What are your current top picks on your site?
Too many to mention! It’s a moving feast of delights; I am thrilled every single day. Visit now and make your own selection – kidstylefile.com.au

What are you looking for at Kids Instyle this year?
Simplicity, elegance, innovation, uniqueness and fun-ness.

What advice would you give to Kids Instyle exhibitors looking for media exposure?
Come and work with us!
Right now I’m:
Eating… Roast vegies; my winter fave
Drinking… Pomegranate juice; fresh!
Reading… Freedom by Jonathon Franzen
Hearing… Kate Bush, Washington and indie-pop flashbacks
Planning… My next move
Buying… Fresh flowers; white glads and pink tulips
Enjoying… Watching my kids grow

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