Spring Clean Your [Business] Social Media Accounts


The days are a little warmer, a little greener and a little sunnier. Spring has arrived! This week Kylie Lewis shares with us why now is a great time to clean up, clean out and refresh your business social media profiles. Here’s your checklist…

1. Profile Pictures
When was the last time you updated your profile picture, cover images, backgrounds and avatars on your business social media profiles? Now is a great time to renew those images with seasonal freshness. Check our social media image dimensions guide from last week to get all the measurements you need.

2. Profile Descriptions
While you’re updating your images, consider sprucing up your profile descriptions. These should be kept up to date to reflect what is currently happening in your business, along with your brand values and business statement. And don’t forget to include a link back to your website.

3. Declutter your follow feeds
Take a look at who you’re following on social media and clear out any feeds that aren’t serving you anymore. Just as you clean out those socks with holes, shrunken jumpers and wornout shoes, clear your feed of people that don’t lift you higher, inspire your creativity, make you smarter or give you laugh.

4. Verify your business Pinterest account
You know you should have, but you haven’t got around to it. Now is the time! Click on over to business.pinterest.com/verify and do it. You’ll then have access to some very nifty analytics to help inform your Pinterest strategy going forward (this will particularly handy going into Christmas).

5. Review your goals (or set them!)
Do you have goals set for your business social media accounts? Like how often you’d like to post, how many followers you’d like to grow to, or perhaps running a competition or two before the end of the year? Take a moment to consider what you’d like to get out of social media before 2014 rolls around and start cultivating your tactics.

6. Consider new networks
Maybe it’s time to branch out and trial a new network? For example a LinkedIn business page might be a good way to attract new talent into your business, or to connect with potential business customers. If you’re not on Google+ yet, maybe it’s time to take a look at using it to drive business reviews, boost your Google Places profile or tap into a new follower base.

7. Clean out old administrators/passwords
Have you cleaned out Facebook administrators who no longer work for you? What about passwords for other networks used by past employees? Dust off those passwords and plant some new ones.

8. Social media in your email signature
Do you have links to social media in your email signature? What about in your brochures, on your business cards, in your instore displays? Do you have links to all your social media profiles on your website or blog? Do you cross promote your social media channels across channels? Do you have social media share/like/follow/tweet buttons on your product pages and blog posts? Now is the time my friend!

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