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Didn’t make it to Training Wheels Sydney?

Don’t worry! We are delivering to you our number 1 takeaway tips from all of the sessions from this years’ workshop.

We are so fortunate to be apart of such a vibrant community. Our hand selected, Training Wheels, experts providing business advice, how to’s and answering all of your questions are the best of the best and as one of our attendees quite effortlessly said “If you do not get anything out of Training Wheels, you are clearly not trying hard enough”.

Social media is constantly changing. By the time you read this sentence, there is probably some new update available on one of your platforms that introduces a new feature.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Kylie Lewis, everyone’s favourite social media guru, who gave us some amazing tips on how to grow your tribe. Here is our top takeaways from Kylie’s Social Media Smarts, Training Wheels session.

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    – Your email list is a direct point of contact with your engaged customer. They have signed up for your newsletter because they are genuinely interested in what you have to say.
    – Your website may not be ready yet but make sure the very first thing you do is create a basic home page of who you are, what your product is and a chance for visitors to sign up to your newsletter as well as follow you on your social media platforms. This is a great way to start generating a tribe and still collecting leads while you update or introduce your website.
    – Sending an email gives you a chance to include multiple links and call to actions for your database to engage in. Instagram only allows you to have one so make sure you don’t forget to send emails to your database. It can be as simple as an email announcing a new product, best sellers, holiday celebration such as Christmas, Easter or the long weekend and can even be something simple like sharing your feature in a magazine or a blog.
    – When recommending your website for answers to what people are searching Google looks for fresh content. Blogging is a great way to keep your website content fresh.
    – Don’t underestimate the power of blogging. Blogging is a great way to generate content and to use it in multiple ways. For example you can use it on your social platforms, in an email to your database and you can also include alink on your homepage to your blog.

    social media

    – Don’t be scared to post to Instagram. Just do it! Waiting around for your business platform to be perfect just sets you back. Creatives will always find something wrong with whatever it may be, so do not set yourself back and lose time by waiting for the perfect moment to post or introduce something.
    – It doesn’t matter if you think you will never be on Instagram, it is good practice to jump straight on and sign up to make sure you get the handle you want that will best reflect your business before anyone else can. It is a reassurance that if one day you do decide to get on Instagram, you will have the handle you want because you did the hard work early. Go on do it now!
    – The best way to have your website or business show up in searches is to include what people search for in your content. Start to search for what you think people would type in when looking for your business or a similar product. Do not finish your sentence and have a look what suggestions Google comes up with for you. Jot these suggestions down and add them to the content of your website. That way when a user searches that term, your website will be one of the resulting suggestions.
    – You can also include the related searches you can find on the bottom of the page after you have search for something. Add these suggestions to the descriptions of your products that way your product will become a related search suggestion.

    social media

    – In the wise words of Kylie, choose courage. Do not be scared to leap into that business or project. You get back what you put in so do not be afraid to put in the hard work and you will reap the rewards in the future…we promise!
    – No one ever said taking the safe option was the funnest. Taking risks is what builds charater and a story. Not sure if that Instagram post is going up at the right time? Who cares! Experiement and if it doesn’t work you know that timing is not great for your audience so adjust it and try again.
    – Experience is the best! People can give you all the advice you like but until you expereience it for yourself you will never truly know. What works for one person may not work for you so jump head first in and see if it does.
    – As mentioned before do not wait around for perfection. It does not exist and you will waste precious time waiting for it to be. Learn from what works and what doesn’t to get as close as you possibly can to your definition of perfect.

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ACTIVITY: Grab a sheet of paper and at the top write “I believe”. Set your timer to 2 minutes. Pump your favourite tune. Start the timer and write down what you believe in.

BUT WHY?: This is a great activity to be able to visualise what it is you believe in. When creating content for your social platforms make sure your to refer back to this list you have just created and make sure your content reflects this.

Share with Kylie & Life Instyle what you believe in.

We are so excited to see everyone who joined us at our Training Wheels, Sydney edition, put what they learned at the workshop into practice over the coming weeks and at our Sydney Feb event.

If you want to know more about social media and how you can improve your platforms, connect with Kylie and find out how you can improve your business through social media.

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