The Basket Case

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When it comes to storage solutions 1.We need a lot of it and 2. It has to look good!

Gone are the days of unflattering wicker baskets, plastic storage containers that look terrible and decorative table baskets that clutter and distract. Today we have an amazing selection of stylish storage for all purposes.

Design studio Verso Design have designed and created some incredible storage solutions from a mix of materials that are perfect for styling shelves or adorning our tables and kitchen benches helping to create a more organised and streamline system in your homes.


We love this Scandinavian look. Light, simple and sophisticated – don’t go past the Latsu Basket made from Birch. It’s true Finnish design, uber classic and comes with cute leather handles for ease of moving.

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For something slightly more modern – the Kori basket made from leather is truly spectacular. It has a boxy appeal and the raw curved edges are folded together like a paper crane. The perfect receptacle for linen, books or just about anything!


Saving the best for last! Our pick would be the adorable Vasu Basket. Perfect for any space, this little box brings sophistication and warmth with its wool and felt walls and birchwood handle. The combination of mixed materials is a real style winner!

Whether you need to stash away personal items or you just want products that appeal to the eye, investing in a beautiful set of baskets is well worth your while. Keeping your home sleek and cohesive will de-clutter your home and your mind. Now that’s the real winner!


Claire Delmar

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Verso Design available from Norr Design


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