The Rise of Snapchat: How brands are using the platform

How brands are using Snapchat

More and more brands are jumping on Snapchat to target a younger demographic and leverage the potential of the platform. While the platform still has the largest audience in the U.S., I’m seeing more Australian brands embracing Snapchat daily. Here are some of the brands nailing the platform and how they’re using Snapchat as part of their content marketing efforts.

Content for Snapchat versus Instagram

A lot of the Instagrammers I follow have turned to Snapchat as a platform to share their story. So, what’s the difference between the content shared on Instagram versus Snapchat?

Real time
Snapchat is a little more real which means the content is a little less planned and a little more ‘on the go’. That’s not to say brands document and share every moment of every day – they are selective in what they post, but the content they do post is ‘in the moment’ and real. There’s no pre-scheduling or editing.

Space to play
Snapchat is also less aesthetically minded – aka it’s not as pretty. The Instagram accounts I love have nailed their Instagram style and each image they post is consistent with that style. This means that the content they share on Instagram is more selective because it needs to fit within their gorgeous feed and Instagram aesthetic.

While the content shared on Snapchat still needs to be on brand and relevant to your audience, there’s a little more creative freedom around the style of the photos or videos shared because you just don’t have as much control (and it all disappears after 24 hours). So you have the space to play around a little more on Snapchat and have fun sharing some things you might not usually share on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.27.26 AM

Jasmine Dowling has added her snapchat name to her Instagram profile to convert Instagram followers to Snapchat.

Quick and easy video
It’s so simple and quick to share video without the expectations of it looking slick and smooth. Because of this video component, we hear the voice of brands more than ever before. Whether through a voice narrating what we see, a snippet of an interview or a behind the scenes snap – the video allows users to feel as if they are really there by experiencing it almost in real time.

It’s funny
One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed on Snapchat compared to the content shared on Instagram is that it’s funny! Not every post will make you laugh but I love seeing the funny and ‘real’ side to brands. It’s like watching the bloopers at the end of a film. Don’t forget that brands, and especially small businesses, are people. We all feel similar things, whether that’s nerves before speaking in public, or excitement at achieving something, or awe at an incredible sight. Sharing those feelings and experiences openly and honestly is what Snapchat (and social media) is all about.

Now let’s check out some brands playing in the Snapchat space…

Jasmine Dowling @jasmine-dowling
I’ve been a fan of Jasmine’s Instagram account (above) for a long time and always love her honest and open approach to social media. Her Snapchat is no different. She’s currently adventuring in Iceland so follow to see the stunning scenery and a snapshot of her life behind the scenes.

Commonwealth Bank @CommBankSnaps
I was pretty impressed to see Commonwealth Bank had jumped on board Snapchat! While they don’t seem to be posting every day, they have announced that they will be sharing financial tips with a twist. Last week they shared a post on what the 2016 Federal Budget might mean for users. I love this approach and the creation of relevant content for the platform and the brand!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 9.40.34 AM

Commonwealth Bank announced their Snapchat content on Facebook to convert Facebook followers to Snapchat.

Beth Kirby – Local Milk @localmilk
One of the most beautiful Instagram accounts, Beth Kirby @localmilk (below) has taken to Snapchat to share content with her fans. Staying on brand and relevant, she shares recipes, methods and the end results of her delicious cooking as well as travel adventures and videos of her too-cute kittens – all content that supports her values of slow and simple living.

The WhiteHouse @WhiteHouse
The Whitehouse is even on Snapchat! Add @WhiteHouse to see behind the scenes footage, administration and exclusive content just for Snapchat audiences.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.33.24 AM

Beth Kirby (Local Milk) shares her cooking adventures on Snapchat (including these too-pretty-to-eat cupcakes) and promotes her Snapchat to her large Instagram audience in the comments.

Who are your favourite brands on Snapchat? Whose stories or snaps do you always open without fail? Let me know so I can follow them too! Next week we’ll look at whether your business should be on Snapchat and how to use it when you get there.

Kylie, xx

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