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What path brought you to Life Instyle?
I kept hearing cool people say it was the coolest show; I wanna be cool, so I signed me and my cards up!

A typical day at work involves…
Everyday is different, but the typical day would involve lots of emails, design work on new cards, packaging cards into cellophane sleeves then spending an hour trying to clean up all the little strips I peel of the cellophane sleeves to seal them, a trip to the post office and, hopefully, the consumption of at least one delicious egg and a visit from my neighbour’s cat (who I’ve named Tim but almost certainly isn’t really named Tim).

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My style is best described as…
My personal style is mixy-matchy with sparkles, patterns and awesome socks. My design style is colourful and clean!

If I wasn’t doing this I’d probably…
I have a background in copywriting and journalism, so I’d either be cooking up headlines or writing human interest features on important people, places, things and muffins.

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I get my best business ideas by…
Falling asleep with a clear head – I always get the best ideas in that stage between awake and asleep when you’re still conscious but your thoughts are weird and dreamlike. I keep my phone by my head so I can jot down any idea that’s good enough to jolt me back to full consciousness.

The biggest influence in my business life is…
Stories of entrepreneurs who have figured out what they’re good at and made a huge success of it. People kicking ass really inspires me!

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My dream mentor would be…
I’m way more creative than business-minded, so I’d love to be mentored by some business mastermind! Someone that could teach me how to make projections and marketing plans and other things that sound businessy.

Right now I’m working on…
A super cute card inspired by the crazy kawaii culture in Japan – I just got back from a couple of weeks in Tokyo!

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Our story:
Things by Bean sold its first card in April of 2011. We make cards for all occasions, non-occasions and made-up occasions. It’s a range of bright, whimsical and delightful designs, including but not limited to a cat with a candle taped to his forehead, an octopus inking itself for the sake of a pun, a birthday burger, extremely scientific charts and graphs, a fox replacing a four-letter word and heaps more. They’re all designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia and they’re stocked in Mag Nation (AUS), Urban Outfitters (USA), Urban Attitude (AUS), Wholefoods Market (USA) and heaps more. We’ve also been featured in Frankie Mag, Cosmopolitan Australia and SHOP Magazine.

Trend Watch:
I think bold patterns and bright colours will be popping up a lot – plus, keep a look out for classic design (i.e. calligraphy) crossed with clean minimal graphics.

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What is your background?
Back in high school, I used to make a greeting card every day, dedicated to whatever obscure holiday that day fell on (eg. Clams on the Half Shell Day, Fruitcake Toss Day, International Skeptics Day). I’d draw a little picture, think up a one-liner and slip it under the classroom door of my least favourite teacher during my free period.

Just after high school, I moved from the USA to Australia. I studied Journalism at Monash University, but quickly realised I wasn’t interested in being a journalist. I’m not sure why… quite possibly because every single one of my journalism teachers said we should all reconsider our career choice because journalism was on the way out. So I got a job as a copywriter, cooking up headlines, writing taglines and occasionally filming handstand competitions for the company’s blog.

Then one day I went home from work and decided to design my first greeting card! I designed a couple more, got them printed, started peddling them at markets, got them into a few shops and so on and so forth until I found myself prepping for Life Instyle Sydney 2015. 

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What or who inspires you?
The sort of people that inspire me would be anyone who works hard, delights the people around them, thinks in a unique way and solves problems. The things that inspire me are mind-bending facts about space, visiting new places, wild dance parties by myself and dictionaries.

What are your favourite trends at the moment?
I love the awesome neon colours I’m seeing around and letterpress is a treat for the fingertips

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What’s the best thing about what you do?
I’ve always taken a bite-sized approach to creativity, so greeting cards are the perfect way to get each idea out of my brain individually. I also love that the cards I make create a chain of chuckles – I have a chuckle about it when I make it, someone has a chuckle and buys it, they give it to their friend who has a chuckle, the friend shows it to another friend and THEY have a chuckle… I’m telling ya – it’s a regular chuckle-chain around here!

What exciting things can readers expect to see at the upcoming show?
A big collection of colourful, cheeky, creepy, charming and completely cool cards, wrapping paper for the very first time, gift stickers, gift tags and art prints that are very pleasing to the eyeballs

Best piece of advice you’ve been given…
That it’s okay to take a break rather than let your eyeballs dry out in their sockets and get a butt bruise from sitting down in front of the computer for ten hours straight.

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Visit Things by Bean in Sydney at Stand: 1524 and see their profile in the exhibitor directory or also pop over to their website to get your fill of Things by Bean!


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