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Tell a story, allow people to wander and discover new things/brands items they did not know they ever wanted or needed. Your store should express who you are and what you love.

You want customers to walk into your store and be overcome with feelings of excitement and pleasure at what they can find. Spend their time perusing the shelves desperate to see every item you have on display.

These are just some tips for you to make sure customers are busting to come back again and again.

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1. Change change change.

Your window display should change regularly. Whether that is once a week, once a month or fortnightly, it needs to look completely fresh & new to catch the eye of customers passing by. Keep it simple though, sometimes less is more.
Show off new products or add a new category or introduce a colour theme?

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2. Figure out your stores “Hot Spot”, the place everyone walks to when they enter your store, where most of your traffic moves past. Use this area to optimise sales by displaying a feature product or new arrivals and make sure it’s always updated.

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3. Rule of 3 or 5, odd numbers.

Use 3 mannequins together (if space allows) or 3 stacks of product (towels, candles) or 5 hanging plants or 1 feature chair. Odd numbers work best for display and visual merchandising in retail stores, they please the eye.

The Lot Co.
The Lot Co.
4. Signage and pricing.

Improve the standard of your signage and price display’s. Don’t use old sale signs, handwritten signs or scratched perspex stands. Recycling is great, but when signs become old and damaged it sets a negative mindset, like you can’t afford new ones or you have lost interest.
Always make sure everything in your store is clearly priced. It’s proven time and time again that customers don’t like asking the price of something therefore they don’t buy it! This stops more sales than you realise.
Also, keep your signage themed and consistent.

The Lot Co.
The Lot Co.

5. Good lighting!!

Do you have a variety of lighting in store? Great window lights for night-time passers by? Feature lighting for artwork or a wall cabinet?
Ambient lighting is good, but make sure it’s not too dark in there, customers want to see what they’re buying clearly. Warm lighting is the most appealing, keep the fluoros away.

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