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After being a graphic designer on some pretty epic jobs for businesses such as Virgin, Lucy Glade-Wright started her Hunting For George journey with her sister in the spare room of their house. No nearly 7 years on Hunting For George are winning more awards for their business than Taylor Swift at the Grammys. Here are 5 tips from Lucy about how you can create award winning content for your business.

Hunting For George

  1. Idea = Everything. Ideas can be simple but they always must tell a story. Be Personal. Be Consistent.
  2. Tell a story. Everything you post must be able to allow your customers and followers to emmerse themselves in your own business story and the reason why you are posting what you are posting.
  3. Always ask yourself “What am I trying to create?”, “What is the final outcome of doing what I am doing?”. Make sure you always have a purpose behind everything you post.
  4. Maximise your exposure by pushing content out across all social platforms you have.
  5. Copy is the most effective way to tell a story and often it is forgotten. Don’t let this one slip.


LUCY’S TOP TIP: Always have a clear call to action for what you want you follower to do. There is not point posting an image of a product you want your followers to buy if you don’t tell them they can or where or how they can do so.


Hunting For George

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