TOP PICK: Hello We Make Stuff


Some see poor economic conditions as a reason not to start a business. Others see it as an opportunity. Hannah and Caleb started Hello We Make Stuff in March 2009 from Hannah’s mums spare bedroom having just moved from New Zealand to Australia during a recession.


Having no choice but to create work for themselves as jobs, they started mucking around with ideas for jewellery. Polymer clay, resin, scrabble, dominos, you name they tried it. The ones to stick (dominoes and scrabble) were to go on and sell more than they could ever dream.

As Caleb explains “Having no real qualifications we had no choice but to use our creative sides and imaginations. We didn’t get a loan, instead sticking to slowly building the business one customer at a time. A lot of hard work but worth it to have something that we have built from the ground up, just Hannah and I, an honest and simple business inspired to make fun, new, inspiring, handmade products for our customers and friends.”


In Melbourne in August 2010, Hello We Make Stuff debuted at Life Instyle Melbourne, being picked up by some of the best boutiques and galleries in Australia. One of the proudest moments in their history was been asked by The Tate Modern Gallery of London to stock their shop.


They went from making stuff in a spare bedroom to a flat behind Hannah’s mums to a house on the central coast where Hello We Make Stuff now takes up the double garage. We wonder where they’ll expand to in 2012!

Say “hello” to Hannah and Caleb at Life Instyle Melboure, August 4 – 7 2011, or visit

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