Training Wheels SYDNEY – Your day at a glance

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With just under a month until our Training Wheels event, today we take a look at exactly what your day will look like and the inspiring takeaways you will carry with you out the door.

Firstly what does your Training Wheels ticket include?:


What your day looks like:

9am – Life Instyle – The Nuts & Bolts
Take an exclusive look behind the scenes of Australia’s largest boutique retail trade event. You will gain insider knowledge on how to best prepare for your exhibiting experience from the Life Instyle Event Director, Marketing Manager, Event Manager and Sales Manager.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Discover who is actually attending Life Instyle and how best to attract each persona to your stand
  2. How to take advantage of the Life Instyle social media community
  3. Advice on how to further market your presence at Life Instyle
  4. How best to bump in and out
  5. The future direction of Life Instyle

9:50am – Social Media Smarts with Kylie Lewis

Get a fresh new look into how the cogs of the social media machine turn. Kylie delves deep into how best to utilize your social media platforms to enhance your brand, grow your tribe & increase sales.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Where is your target market hanging out on social and when
  2. What assets are the most important to grow your business
  3. What authentic branding means
  4. Creating content that builds your tribe and converts to business
  5. How to make the most of your trade event experience, socially

11am – Morning Tea and a chance to network among yourselves.


11:20am – The Retailer Point of View Panel with Chris Tourgelis, Jesse Campbell & Bryony Tucker

Discover the inner workings of some of Australia’s top retailer minds with the BRAND NEW Retailer Panel. Decipher who, what, where, when and how retailers are sourcing new products and have all of your burning questions answered by our panel of expert retailer

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Discover why retailers purchase what they do
  2. How trends changing and how the retailer is adapting
  3. When do retailers look to purchase
  4. How the consumer is changing
  5. Why the story behind the product is so important

12:30pm – Lunch and another chance to work on potential collaborations and ask as many questions as you can fit into 30 mins

1pm – Styling Your Story, Merchandising & Stand design with Emma Elizabeth

Gain actionable knowledge on how to effectively translate your brand vision to real life. Expert tips from one of Australia’s top stylists will help you on your way to maximising sales, brand recognition and exposure not only within your exhibition space but your retail outlets.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Bring your brand vision to life on a physical platform
  2. Stay true to your brand vision and promote your story
  3. How best to design your stand to maximise sales
  4. Create a visual flow of your products so you share a story
  5. Top tips to style on a budget


2pm – Moving the Goods, Shipping & Logistics with Marni Clarke

Always underestimated but possibly the most value for money session when it comes to learning how to effectively move your products around Australia & the World. Discover how to make the most out of every square inch of freight space, learn the logistics lingo to make sure you are negotiating a great shipping rate and which time of year is the most cost-effective time to ship.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Learn the logistics lingo so you know exactly what you are getting
  2. Make use of every single mm of space to maximise savings
  3. Best times to ship internationally to save money
  4. Discover how to partner with other senders to effectively ship
  5. Ensure security and deliverability from port to port

3pm – Afternoon tea and a chance to run through your notes and ask more questions

3:20pm – The Real Life Instyle Experience Panel with Fiona Chadwick, Jeremy Bronw, Kirstin Ash and Fadia Agha

Navigate your way through the world of exhibitions as you learn from a panel of successful exhibitors who have come before you. Gain useful advice on bump in & out, sales strategies both pre & post event, marketing tips and stand design. This is the perfect session if you are a brand new exhibitor to Life Instyle to have all of your burning questions answered.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Advice on how to bump in and out efficiently
  2. How to take orders onsite
  3. What to expect from your first exhibiting experience
  4. Ways to maximise exposure and ensure you draw a crowd
  5. How to effectively communicate your MOQ requirements & lead time

4:50pm – Conclusion & Networking, a chance to exchange details and further ideas and advice.




WANT MORE INFO ON TRAINING WHEELS? CLICK HERE to discover a little more about our experts, sessions and event details.


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