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It’s a new homeware and interior trend sweeping the retail world. Designers are looking to capture natural light while creating a sense of fluidity and movement through the use of acrylic and perspex materials that are being adapted to furniture, sculptures, cutlery and lighting.

This trend is also hitting the visual merchandising displays of the world’s coolest designers such as the show designer Melissa who had an incredible installation by SoftLab added to the NYC store.

We are loving this trend and believe we have only seen what is on the surface of this emerging design. Look out for this look on retailers’ shelves and displays near you very soon.

Iridescence Trend
Iridescence Trend

Designed by Elise Luttik – Images from Poppytalk & Wallpaper

 Iridescence Trend

Sculpture designed by Gemma Smith – Image from The Design Files

Iridescence Trend Iridescence Trend Iridescence Trend

Installation & Images by Softlab – Retailer – Melissa

Iridescence Trend Iridescence Trend

Overnight pendant light by ODDMATTER Studio

Iridescence Trend  Iridescence Trend

Crystal Series by Saeroom Noon

Iridescence Trend

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – Image by Larry

Home Page Image – Saeroom Noon


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