Sonia Audoly, Official: Architect, Educator & Journalist.
Unofficial: Dreamer & Treasure-hunter, International School of Colour & Design
1.00pm – 2.00pm
Tickets: $30.00

Every year a new wave of trends influence what consumers buy. From the fashion runways to the latest colour trends and innovative products. Stay ahead of what the consumers demand will be and what to look for in sourcing your next range. Here we reveal the latest trends affecting the design world and therefore the products consumers can expect to see filtering down for 2017. Brought to you by the International School of Colour and Design.

Sonia Audoly is an architect, journalist and an iscd educator. Sonia was born in Milan Italy where she studied design and architecture before starting her career in styling and journalism for Elle Décor, Vogue, Case da Abitare and Marie Claire Maison. Sonia now lives in Sydney where she describes her life as having ‘the best of both worlds of lifestyle + designstyle’. She is extremely busy but balances her hectic lifestyle by finding creative inspiration from nature that she finds on the beach near her home in Sydney. Her inquisitive spirit ensures that she finds the newest trends and the most innovative ideas that are launching within the design market. With all this creativity and knowledge of the design industry Sonia launched her own business called The Beach Skirt where she designs and produces colourful fashion accessories.

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