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After starting her career as a kid helping her father with their family business, Roberta Fairbanks, fell in love and moved from Brazil to Australia to start her family. The corporate world was not for her when she was told she was not allowed to take sick days to look after her unwell kids and it was during this time, after quitting the corporate world, she become an avid Instagram shopper and Stylish Kids Australia was born.

Today we were lucky enough to have Roberta sharing her insights on how to turn social followers into loyal customers. Here are her top 5 take away action points.


  1. Always include a profile description on your Instagram profile. When Instagram users organically search for other profiles, if your profile is similar you will be suggested. This is where having a profile is extremely important as it allows these organic searches to get a feel for what you do before they have even seen your profile.
  2. Include a call to action in your profile or a way your followers can get in touch with you.
  3. Your brand profile is number one and this should be reflected in the images you post on Instagram. This is your virtual catalogue and gives them a sense of being part of your certain lifestyle.
  4. Networking the right way – connect with followers from other businesses that share the same target market as you. No need to follow them, simply reach out and say hello to let them know you exist!
  5. Collaboration is Key! Always work with other business who all work together to boost each other’s business by shouting each other out, taking images with each others product and tagging each other helps to reach audiences that are relevant to you but have not yet found you.

ROBERTA’S TOP TIP – Engagement with your community is key if you want them to stick around and continue to buy from you. This allows your customers feel connected to your brand.

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