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When it comes to office style and design, it’s best to think outside of the box. Lucky our lovely duo Kerry & Carley of Fox & Flower are filled with an abundance of inspiration & creativity to light up any office space…

This month we are working on the style and design of an office space on the Gold Coast. As this project begins we are filled with an abundance of inspiration & creativity & we can’t help but share this with you!

Its time to think outside of the box when it comes to office style & design. Many of us spend much of the day in our offices & we would all benefit from a space that is comfortable & practical yet beautiful, & inspiring…a balanced area that encourages productivity by singing to our soul!

The key is balance. Address practicality with plentiful & organised storage solutions, comfortable & ergonomic furniture, & space to work & create. Embrace beauty with visual delights that inspire you, a small retreat space to clear your mind, & colours that resonate with you.

Think clean, clear lines & work areas that are de-cluttered & organised.  Maybe a hammock or hanging pod in the corner, some leafy plants, pretty flowers, a chandelier, artworks, soft rugs underfoot, natural light & wood.


Discover your story, plan your space & choose your colour palette.  We’re loving black, white & wood with pops of green & nature as our inspiration…lots of plants to bring the outside in is a must! The look – a simple, elegant, organised & grounded work place, which encourages you to be the same!

Now you’re ready to create your dream office…a functional workstation that moonlights as a cool space! Enjoy!


Fox & Flower.

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    Emma Wilson

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