Warm Up For Summer


It’s hard to believe that we are already half way through spring and summer is  just around the corner. Our passionate contributor Wendy of Hello Yellow is sharing her insider tips on key elements to consider and a few selected additions when trying to lighten the home and get ready to welcome summer…

Do you sometimes strive to create that stunning room and still end up feeling like there is something lacking? Sometimes you can plan a rooms layout, select some beautiful furniture but you may still feel it is not quite right.

This may sound weird with summer on its way but it may need warming up. I’m not talking about firing up that log burner but rather introducing certain elements to give your room that ‘feel’ your personality and ‘look’ that you have been chasing.

During my work as an interior designer and always on the look of for gorgeous one off home wares for our online site I have come across some beautiful items that will help you to achieve this elusive warmth in your home.

Today I’ll break down the key elements to consider and with a few selected additions to your room you will be able to create a beautiful space.


This can come in the form of timber such as wooden flooring, shelving etc. Introducing metallic with stunning lighting is also great. We also look to add texture with soft furnishings such as throws, cushions, rugs, etc.

Texture + pattern-600x900



A pop of colour can go a long way whether it be on the walls or introduced with soft furnishings colour can make all the difference.

hello yellow interior decoration project-600x900


As vibrant or subtle as you like pattern is key to adding interest and your personality to a room.


Indoor plants are all the rage and if you prefer a natural more textured interior plants can make all the difference.

Pop and Scott stunning pots + greenery


Stunning art can add a pop of colour, a focal point to a room and make your space unique to you.

Stunning Ali McNabney art-600x700


Whether you add all of the above or just a few these elements they make up the final layer to your gorgeous room that I am sure has been in the planning for a very long time!

I hope your room will make you smile!


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