What bathroom style are you?

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Today on the blog we ask the question – What bathroom style are you?

Last week on The Block we seen contestants reveal their bathrooms and after a few hiccups the contestants produced some amazing work with a little styling help from some of our Life Instyle exhibitors.

Dan & Carlene were crowned victors in this weeks room challenge. With their simple and elegant designs, styling and the addition of some seriously cool floor tiles, Dan & Carlene, transported viewers to what seemed like a luxurious Grecian villa. Dan & Carlene love the Planet Luxe Handwash just as much as us!

H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen1 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen10 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen12 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen28 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen30 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen46 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen50 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen55 H2_R3_Bathroom_Dan_Carleen67

Our fav bathroom reveal comes from the girls Julia and Sasha. Such a clean and effortless design with simple styling that does not detract from the fish scale tiles. THOSE TILES! We just adore them and who wouldn’t want an in built seat in their shower? Check it out…the girls are loving Life Instyle exhibitors Ninnho (towels) and Planet Luxe (handwash) as well!

H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha122 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha7 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha10 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha17 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha20 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha22 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha25 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha35 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha39 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha59 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha102 H4_R3_Bathroom_Julia_Sasha112
Special mentions to the boys Andy and Ben for their bold decision not to put a loo in the main bathroom – we would have made that decision too – and their cool choice of feature tiles, art and their styling choices opting to go with the always chic Aura by Tracey Ellis towels.

H3_R3_Bathroom_Andy_Ben7 H3_R3_Bathroom_Andy_Ben26 H3_R3_Bathroom_Andy_Ben78

The contestants can’t get enough of our Life Instyle exhibitors. We spotted Aura by Tracey Ellis towels in Will & Karlie’s bathroom as well as the styling addition of Kleins Perfumery, Fitzoy Extrovert handwash.

H1_R3_Bathroom_Will_Karlie15 H1_R3_Bathroom_Will_Karlie41 H1_R3_Bathroom_Will_Karlie77

What was your favourite bathroom reveal?


*all images sourced from 9now.com.au

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