HOW TO: Work with social influencers

Kat Moses

Social media is a growing and ever changing space. Social influencers is the new norm, so we invited Kat Moses, founder of MGMT, to speak at our Life Instyle SYDNEY Conversation Series about how you can pick the right influencers for you and make the most of your collaboration.

Kat manages the incredible beauties Eleanor Pendleton, Natalie Roser, Jaime Ridge, Julia Ashwood and many more.

Here are Kat’s top tips for getting the most of your partnership:

  • Credibility is key to finding a great influencer
  • Consumers are more likely to purchase from someone they trust
  • Do not select your influencer based on a number of following, engagement is were you should invest your money
  • Allow your influencer to create the content themselves. This will make sure your brand message is delivered authentically
  • Choose an influencer whose aesthetic is in line with your own brand
  • Have a strategy
  • Don’t infringe on the influencers creative ability
  • Don’t lose sight of your identity



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